Nationwide Workers’ Comp Revenue Cycle Management Software

Streamline your workers' comp billing with daisyBill technology. Submit compliant e-bills and generate payment appeals in seconds – all with a single click. daisyBill has your workers’ comp billing covered from start to finish, with training and expert support at your fingertips.

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California Workers’ Comp Authorization Software

Quickly submit Requests for Authorization and track Utilization Review responses with ease. daisyAuth documents and timestamps your authorized services, fortifying your bills against inaccurate authorization and payment denials. Treat injured workers in California with complete confidence.

Workers’ Comp State Fee Schedule Software

Calculate what you’re owed for injured worker services – instantly. daisyWizard maintains the workers’ comp fee schedule information so you can make immediate, accurate billing and payment calculations.

Workers’ Comp Billing and Collections Experts

Hand your workers’ comp billing to our experts – we’ll take care of everything. daisyCollect agents are your advocates – when payers improperly deny or reduce reimbursement, we navigate the system on your behalf to secure what’s owed.

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The usability on your app is nearly perfect. It is astounding how good it is. - J.P., Psy.D.

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If you can’t get paid, you can’t keep practicing. Moving from a paper system to DaisyBill is like going from the stone age to the space age. - J.A.

daisyBill User
We love Daisybill. You are all easy to work with and quick to respond. Good software support. - L.M.

daisyBill User
Thanks for all your support & assistance. We've been able to accommodate our growth by being able to depend on DaisyBil and it's superior staff. - P.G.

daisyBill User
It's so great to be working with people who understand the billing and posting process. - E.O.

daisyBill User
DaisyBill actually keeps customers up to date about what's happening in the industry. They respond to questions almost faster than we can ask them! We're extremely happy with DaisyBill as a billing agent. Ebilling has cut down on our payment timelines by weeks in many cases and the clear documentation DaisyBill keeps for each bill sent has reduced a lot of hassle for our collections team. - Julie C.

daisyBill User
The relationship has been outstanding since going live. In fact, you guys brought quality, knowledge and respect to Workers' Compensation industry. Any organization involved in this industry and not using DaisyBill will truly be doing a disservice to their organization. Keep up the good work, I am proud of you guys. - Y.O.

daisyBill User
Your product and support team has been tremendously helpful in working with our team and I truly appreciate this support. - P.K.

daisyBill User
DaisyBill was designed for nerds like me! I want to hire an assistant to take over my other billing so I get to be in DB all day! - S.F.

daisyBill User
Thanks again for offering such a useful and elegant system and your impeccable customer service. Kudos! - C.Z.

daisyWizard User
Just wanted to say that my monthly subscription remains the best WC investment I've made. THANK YOU! - L.A.

daisyWizard User
I so appreciate the work that you do and I do love working with DaisyBill. The reports you send us in addition to doing our billing regarding insurance companies and the tactics they are using to not pay us, has been very helpful. Your staff is very competent and helpful with any questions I have, and respond very quickly. Your app is easy to use as well. - C.S.

daisyBill User
How wonderful to log onto your Claims Administrator Directory and find insurance info that sometimes took hours to get before. Thank you! - L.M.

daisyWizard User
I cannot express enough to you and your staff how wonderful your service is. It's my best-kept secret. - Sandy T.

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Featured daisyNews Article
CA Provider Warning: P&S vs Med-Legal Reports
May 29, 2024
CA Provider Warning: P&S vs Med-Legal Reports

This is an essential report warning for California providers. A Permanent and Stationary (PR-4) report and a Medical-Legal evaluation report are not interchangeable. Before issuing either, be sure that you’re eligible to do so.

An injured worker’s applicant attorney, along with Sutter Health’s Workers’ Compensation Department, recently conflated these two reports, requesting that a psychologist issue a “Permanent and Stationary report for [patient name] as a Medical-Legal evaluation,” a report that categorically does not exist.

The psychologist was neither the injured worker’s primary treating physician (PTP) nor the selected Medical Evaluator (QME or AME). According to California laws, the psychologist was not eligible to issue either a PR-4 report or a Medical-Legal report, let alone a strange hybrid of the two reports.

However, the provider followed Sutter’s and the applicant attorneys’ request, reviewed 2,309 pages of records, and prepared a 35-page report—for which Sutter Health denied payment.

This incident is a critical warning. California law defaults to the payer's advantage if a provider unwittingly furnishes an authorized report they were not eligible to perform. The claims administrator may refuse payment, leaving the provider with little payment recourse.

Pay close attention to applicant attorney and claims administrator requests and never assume those requests comply with the law.

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